Patient Information

What is a pathologist?

A pathologist is a physician who is trained to make diagnoses on tissue samples, body fluids, and blood samples obtained from patients. Microscopes, laboratory instruments, immunohistochemistry, and molecular tests are tools we utilize on a daily basis to accurately differentiate between different diseases. These diagnoses are vital in assisting the clinical team care for patients and help guide treatment decisions.

Do you see patients?

The only times we see patients are to perform a bone marrow biopsy or a superficial fine needle aspiration. We specialize in the microscopic examination of tissue and in clinical laboratory management. Our physicians do not treat patients.

May I obtain a copy of my pathology report? Can you discuss my pathology report with me?

The best resource for obtaining a copy of your pathology report and discussing the results of your pathology report is the clinician who performed the clinical procedure. Such a clinician can provide guidance for treatment options.

I have a question about my bill. Whom should I contact?

All of your questions and concerns can be addressed by professional ACLA patient representatives by calling 615-284-7950.

What are your billing customer service hours of operation?

Monday – Friday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm CST

Why have I received a bill from ACLA?

Your physician/clinical provider sent a specimen to our laboratory for processing and diagnosis. This bill is for the completion of laboratory interpretive and diagnostic services performed by our lab.

I paid my co-pay at the doctor’s office. Why am I getting a bill from ACLA?

Co-payments are generally for physician office visits only. The balance on your bill reflects your financial responsibility as dictated by your health insurance policy. This balance will also be reflected on your explanation of benefits from your insurance carrier.

Why have I received a bill when my insurance plan covers laboratory testing?

Insurance plans have varying benefit levels and only you can verify that your insurance company processed your claim according to your plan’s provisions. Please contact your insurance company if you feel this claim was processed incorrectly.

I have secondary insurance. Will ACLA file those claims for me?

Yes, we will file to all insurance carriers that we have in our records. If your bill reflects that no insurance has been filed and you have insurance, please contact our office.

What method of payment does ACLA accept?

ACLA accepts checks, money order, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. You may pay online, by phone, or by mail. For more information: Make a payment

Does ACLA provide discounts if I don’t have insurance?

ACLA will be pleased to discuss alternate payment arrangements. Please call our office at 615-284-7950.