physician: FAQ

Does ACLA accept all insurance plans? How will my patients’ specimens be handled if their insurance is not accepted?
ACLA is not a provider for all insurance companies. If ACLA is not a provider for a given insurance plan, we will send that specimen to the laboratory required by the plan. We will send your office written notification for those specimens being sent to other laboratories.

How does ACLA handle hardship and indigent cases?  Does ACLA provide charitable services?
Since we are a referral laboratory service, we do not have personal knowledge of hardship cases. If your office has a patient that you know needs assistance,  please contact our billing office supervisor concerning that particular patient. ACLA has deep roots in the Nashville community, and we feel that it is our responsibility to help with local healthcare needs. 

What are my options for report delivery? Specimen pick-ups?
ACLA provides a variety of report delivery options based on your practice’s workflow and needs. Reports can be hand delivered, faxed, auto-printed via our web-based solution, 4Medica or we can interface directly to your EMR.

Specimen pick-ups can also be tailored for your practice. We offer pre-scheduled daily or twice daily courier visits. Specimens can also be picked up on an on-call basis.

What is your turn around time for surgical biopsies? Pap Smears?
Most surgical biopsies are reported within 24 hours. Additional stains, decalcification,  or special testing will extend our initial turn around time. 95% of our Pap smear cases are reported in 2 business days.

What sub-specialties are represented on ACLA staff? 
All ACLA physicians are board-certified in Anatomic & Clinical Pathology. Several of our physicians also hold an additional board certification in Cytopathology, Hematopathology,  or Dermatopathology.

How can I contact a pathologist directly?
Please dial 615-284-5229.

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